Benjamin J. Bahleda


Benjamin is a proven designer, project manager, and administrative professional with nine years of experience in design, web, and technology. He brings creativity, direction, and leadership through a positive atmosphere where a team of designers and programmers can feel confident in the organization and execution of a quality final product. Because of these skills and qualifications, he is set apart.

His experience proves him to be not only a devoted employee, but also a willing and capable individual able to handle a variety of roles and responsibilities. His career path has afforded him the opportunity to learn many different skills, of which his efforts have not gone unnoticed. From design and administration to technical support and project management, Benjamin's goal has been to give his best and to not back down from a challenge.

In addition to loyalty and determination, his attention to detail and organizational skills are second to none. While possessing the right-brained creative thought process of an artist, he's also learned to approach tasks with the left-brained process of an administrator, making sure all details are in place.

Besides a passion for the graphic and web arts, Benjamin is also a published music artist. He has released tracks internationally and has enjoyed a small fanbase. His music has been played by some of the top global DJs in the electronic music industry. He is also father to two amazing children, whom he loves to spend time with. In his free time, Benjamin enjoys running, cycling, hiking, camping, and reading.

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